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Teach Me Your Way, O Lord!

God is truly fearsome. There is no one or no thing that can compare with the level of power and awe that He alone embodies. Most people find this a terror because we do not see that God All-Powerful is also on our side and loves and protects us intensely. When we perceive Him to be scary and fearful, we naturally don’t invite this scary God to be a part of our hearts and lives. We don’t want to be hurt by Him so we distance and feel left to do life on our own. Now alone, we are unable to draw capacity to deal with life from the Source of Life and our hearts easily get overwhelmed. An overwhelmed heart easily unravels, hardens and desynchronizes. Deep down, we know that we are not enough and we don’t have the capacity needed to arise above even our circumstances, much less to heal our own wounded hearts. Our broken hearts just don’t know how to do life well apart from Love and the care of a Good Father.

God still says today, “It is my Father’s delight to give you the kingdom” and “I don’t want you to be in lack.” He knows all the answers to our “what if” questions, wants to supply all our needs and be our Source. He is here to empower us and to make us overcomers. A united heart rests in these truths and rejoices by saying, “My Father, you are so wonderful and so great that the biggest fear that I have in life is the fear that I don’t want to have to do life without you. I don’t want to have to do this on my own.” This is a heart that can be united in what it wants and also united in the Father’s love in the middle of every circumstance. A whole heart that is united to the Father’s heart results in the kind of life we’ve always wanted for ourselves. Just like Jesus’ heart was united and whole and united to his Father’s heart, our hearts are unstoppable as we do the same. We find ourselves flying above circumstances and running in freedom. Our craving for real life is filled as it is united to Him and living life with our good Father. Father, thank you for your loving care and uniting our hearts so that we don’t have to be left to do life alone and can do all life with You.

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