Re-Entry Reconciliation Restoration Recovery

Re-Entry Reconciliation Restoration RecoveryEach year thirty percent of the State of Texas' prisoners are released in Harris County, (Houston) without a relational safety net or personalized matched community service links to support their transition and integration back to their families, neighborhoods, workplaces and churches.

His Father’s Heart Ministries purposefully reaches out to our brothers and sisters who are brokenhearted and do not know how to jump start their lives on a new path. We help returning citizens break their cycles of destructive behavior. Our goal is to reach the greatest number of returning citizens who are at risk for re-arrest, drug abuse, spousal abuse, and other common snares and pitfalls faced by the formerly incarcerated.

Re-Entry Group

We minister individually and in small intimate, private groups; teaching, sharing, and praying in relaxed, coffeehouse style settings in churches across the Houston region. We walk beside those who come to us, offering freely, Journey to a Whole Heart, a Christ-centered journey of restoration and whole-heartedness that addresses mental, emotional and spiritual brokenness. Through open and honest conversation we address the issues that often terminate an individuals freedom. And for each and every person His Father's Heart ministers to, we affect the lives of at least three other people – a spouse, a child, a parent, a neighbor or even an employer.

“You will feel welcome no matter who you are or where you are in your spiritual search or development. GENUINE loving people. Jesus is always present.”

Tim Crockett

His Father's Heart Ministries works to meet the social needs of our community. Through individual and group counseling we restore the dignity of individuals, bringing out the creative potential that God has given them, allowing it to shine. His Father’s Heart Ministry is uniquely qualified with certified counselors, ministers and former prison staff—to offer support, assistance for as long as services are needed. While our outreach to this marginalized group of society is based on Christian ideals, the outcome of our actions is for the common good: rehabilitated, counseled and restored wholehearted individuals and their families; who are less likely to return to crime and prison; and the directly correlated positive economic impact for the community and taxpayers.

His Father’s Heart Ministries welcomes, wants and embraces returning citizens and their families, providing traditional re-entry services either through our programs or those of our strategic partner CrossWalk Center.