Mother's Day Out

Our Handbook

School Hours

9:00AM – 3:00PM with extended play at 5:30PM, Monday-Friday. The classrooms will be ready by 8:55AM but not any earlier. You must pick up your child no later than the scheduled pick up time. There is a late fee of $10 that will be applied 10 minutes after scheduled pick up time and an additional $2 per minute after.

Arriving & Departing

Only parents and authorized adults are allowed to pick up the children. You must sign them in and out each school day. If another adult will be picking up your child, please let the director know ahead of time. All authorized adults will be required to show their driver’s license.

Emergency Information

An “Authorization for Emergency Medical Attention Agreement” must be on file for your child to attend our program. The hospital and physician requires this form before emergency treatment can be rendered. If your child requires emergency medical treatment, an ambulance will be called and your child will be taken to the hospital recommended by the E.M.T. services. All costs are the responsibility of the parent.

Registration Fee

The registration fee is $75 for the school year. This is a one-time fee per program and is non-refundable nor can it be applied to the monthly tuition. Yearly supplies such as curriculum and special project supplies are purchased with this fee. It will also secure your child’s placement for the coming program.


Tuition will be $400 a month with additional cost added with each additional hour up to 5:30pm (please see price list). Tuition is due on the first school day each month. If tuition is received 10 days after the due date a $15 late fee will incur. MDO salaries and additional expenses cannot be reduced because of absenteeism. Therefore, we must charge regardless of attendance in order to support the enrollment space for your child. We hope you understand the need for financial stability and we greatly appreciate your support and cooperation.

Sickness Policy

Upon recommendation of the Committee on Control of Infectious Diseases of the American Academy of Pediatrics, a child should not attend a classroom setting when the following exists:

  • ANY fever within the last 24 hours
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Common cold
  • Symptoms of the usual childhood diseases (chicken pox, scarlet fever, etc)
  • Sore throat
  • Croup
  • ANY unexplained rash
  • ANY skin infections (boils, ringworm, impetigo, head lice)
  • Pink eye infection

Must be clear of all symptoms for 24 hours in order to return to class. No exceptions.
**The program director will notify parents to pick up their child immediately if they show signs of illness.**
The MDO staff is not allowed to give any type of over the counter/antibiotic medication. Therefore, do not send any medications with your child.


All children must have an updated copy of their immunization records on file to attend the MDO program.

Weather Bulletins

Our facility will follow the Cy-Fair ISD policies and/or HFH MDO directors policy concerning cancellation of classes.

Special Events

Birthdays are special and exciting times for children. If you would like, you may bring a special treat for your child’s class to celebrate. Please inform your child’s teacher and the director ahead of time. A sign-up sheet will be available in your child’s class for items to bring. We will celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter and the Resurrection.

Arts & Crafts, Cook, Science Experiments

These events will be taught throughout the year. Special supplies will be needed for these exciting learning times. Your child’s teacher may ask for help in bringing these items to class.


The goal of our program is to enhance and develop literacy, numeration, social/personal awareness, emotional growth and Biblical knowledge. Therefore, the program will utilize a variety of resources that focus on these characteristics.

What your child will need to bring:

  • Lunch and snacks ready to eat and labeled with your child’s name
  • Drink (no carbonated drinks)
  • Nap mat with blanket (sent home every Friday)
  • Favorite stuffed animal (if necessary)
  • Diapers, wipes, powders
  • Change of clothes (place in Ziploc bag with child’s name)

*Please provide a mid-morning snack for your child to enjoy*


For the safety of your child. Please bring children in appropriate school attire. For questions concerning what is appropriate, please contact the director.