Journey into His Father's Heart

Journey into His Father's Heart

HFHM cares about your heart and all that God designed it to be. Contained in your heart is the living blueprint of God Himself expressed and reflected in and through you. We like to call this person your True Self or your Kingdom Self. Many times we get caught in trying to heal our hearts to obtain relief, healing or even freedom. All these pursuits are noble and we work towards them. Additionally, we understand that even with actualizing these things, the question still begs, what more is there to life than relief and freedom? We believe that the more our hearts are united to Jesus’ heart, we'll be brought into the Presence of the Father and release the Kingdom of God everywhere we go.

HFHM’s Journey into His Father's Heart's mission is to work with Jesus in reclaiming the rightful place of your whole heart in His Kingdom so that living from your True Self and releasing the kingdom becomes a normal part of your everyday experience.

It is our privilege to get to partner with you on this journey towards a whole heart. We want you to know you are not alone. To walk alongside you on your journey, we would be delighted to meet with you one on one for a Journey into His Father's Heart ministry appointment. We also have various workshops and conferences throughout the year that will help to expand and enlarge the vision for all that your heart can be as well as to give you tools, understanding and fellowship that restore your heart back to you.

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HFHM offers a three phase Journey into His Father's Heart

Journey One — “Foundations” is our introductory conference. Foundations will unpack why your heart is such a target, how it gets shut down, the core tenets of heart-healing, redeemed and unredeemed roles of the heart, how to bring unity back to a broken heart and how to model our hearts after Jesus’ heart as well as to unite our hearts to Jesus’ heart.

Journey Two — “Fragments to Freedom conference includes a recap of Foundations and builds upon those precepts. Included in Fragments to Freedom are hidden aspects of the heart and how to access them, spiritual dynamics, how your heart mirrors your brain (brain science), how our formative years play a role in our everyday experience, how to fill the Mother Hole, using the True Self as a barometer in healing, Energy Vampires, Holograms and how the redemptive gifts influence and shape your heart-healing.

Journey Three — “Flourishing” takes all the above to a wider scope. Here, we examine the principles laid out and apply how to bring unity and wholeness to marriages, families, churches and society.

“Journey into His Father's Heart is amazing! This is the missing link in my healing journey, the internal pain I have felt every day of my life is gone. He works on such a deep level but yet its easy and fun and truly results in a life changed... Thank you His Father's Heart!”

Cindy, Tulsa, OK

How do I make an appointment?

You are free to either call us at 713-996-0980 or email us at Typically, the first meeting is informational. We will take you through the various aspects of what Journey into His Father's Heart is and see if you feel it is a good fit for you. If you feel comfortable going forward from this point, we will set up a ministry time with you. A session generally lasts two hours.

Before you come for the first time, please fill out and submit our Intake Form to save time during your visit.

What should I expect?

We have one rule while doing Journey into His Father's Heart and that is that you feel safe. While we cannot guarantee any results, most people find this to be a hugely transformational time in their lives where their hearts are deeply ministered to and changed for eternity. There are aspects of your Journey into His Father's Heart that we feel are cutting edge and access parts of us that are yearning and longing for hope and healing that cannot be accessed or are difficult to access in other ways.