Gifts to His Father's Heart Ministries

Thank you for helping us reach our goal of $125,000!

Your giving helps us in our mission to heal the broken hearted and setting free the captives. His Father’s Heart Ministries purposefully reaches out to our brothers and sisters who are brokenhearted and do not know how to jump start their lives on a new path. We help returning citizens break their cycles of destructive behavior. Our goal is to reach the greatest number of returning citizens who are at risk for re-arrest, drug abuse, spousal abuse, and other common snares and pitfalls faced by the formerly incarcerated.

Despite reaching our goal, the more gifts we receive, the more we can do with your gifts. Please consider a contribution to help us grow and reach out to more individuals in need of our support.


Raised as of 12/30/20: $125,000!

Releasing the Kingdom Initiative

Today, His Father’s Heart Ministries is experiencing great growth and change. The next five years are critical to the lifeblood of the ministry. Our Five-Year Strategic Plan dictates transformational expansion in three “sequential growth” initiatives. Such progress will be designed for greater impact to expand upon outreach, and to release the Kingdom of God in our city.

In celebration of our Fifteen Year Crystal Anniversary, we are introducing The Releasing the Kingdom Initiative. As our first major gift fundraising effort, this historic appeal is designed to raise the necessary financial resources to successfully see us through the next five transitional years. Prayer and sacrifice have brought us to where we are today; prayer and sacrifice will carry us into the future. Our prayer is that each of us responds by making a pledge not “until it hurts,” but until it “feels right.”

Please download our Releasing the Kingdom Initiative and prayerfully consider how to give.